Karoo to Coast

Went up to Uniondale for the Karoo to Coast MTB race. Did not take part myself (100km is damn far!) but Lorna, Jimmy, Ruth & Richard did. I took the harder option of driving the car round the long way! The race is from Uniondale down to Knysna over the Prins Albert pass. You would think that it is mostly downhill but apparently not (or so they say). As the pass is closed it is a bit difficult to spectate along the way so I only have pics of the start and finish.

Ther are a few pics here, but you can also see all the photos on flickr.

At the start
Jimmy before the start
Lorna at the start
Richard & Ruth at the start of the race-1

At the finish
Lorna & Ruth finishing 100km-1
Dirty face!
Lorna needs a bath!-1
At the finish-2

On the way back
On our way
Ruth & Rich
Wilderness beach-1

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