Birthday Braai

Had my birthday the other day. Had a braai at my place. Weather wasn't perfect but I had a great evening nonetheless.

Here are some photos. The rest can be found on flickr.

Got some toy choppers as a gift and these were top entertainment. Fillet turned out pretty nice. Music and wine were also good. Quality of pictures definitely show the impact of wine.

Chopper entertainment

Jacque staring down the chopper (by Louis Rossouw)

Karin & Corinna

Karin & Corinna (by Louis Rossouw)
Eating eyeballs!

Eating an eyeball (by Louis Rossouw)

Warming up

By the fire (by You)

Erik & Janis

Janis & Erik (by Louis Rossouw)


Malan (by Louis Rossouw)


Johan (by Louis Rossouw)

I uhm... slipped...

Oops on the floor! (by Louis Rossouw)

Pulling faces

Smile (by Louis Rossouw)

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1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday Louis. Scorpios unite. See you got some great toys for your birthday ...:) and had some awesome fun.