To Hell and Back

Lorna and some of her friends recently did a mountain bike race called "To Hell and Back". This race goes via the Swartberg pass down into the Gamkaskloof (also known as "Die Hel"). It is a two day race with day 1 going to the Gamkaskloof and day 2 being back out.

This used to be an isolated community that only got a proper road in the 60s. Before then you had to walk in and out of the valley. I borrowed my brother's bakkie and drove in with Pippa to support the riders and see this unique place.

The Road to Hell

The Road to Hell (by Louis Rossouw)

The route starts near the Cango Caves and goes over the pass...

On the Swartberg Pass (by Louis Rossouw)

Then it turns off the pass and heads towards the valley...

Jaaa, boet, the road to hell is not easy! (by Louis Rossouw)

The big last climb of the day is called Heartbreak Hill

Heart Break Hill (by Louis Rossouw)

After this the trail goes down into the Gamkaskloof.

Gamkaskloof (by Louis Rossouw)

At the finish

Jimmy (by Louis Rossouw)

Jean-Louis (by Louis Rossouw)

Lorna finished! (by Louis Rossouw)

Swimming at the river

Everyone on the other side! (by Louis Rossouw)

Dirty Rich (by Louis Rossouw)

Tight fit in the back (by Louis Rossouw)

Out of hell...

Gamkaskloof (by Louis Rossouw)

Pippa and I went by the Cango Caves too...

The Organ & Cleopatra's Needle (by Louis Rossouw)

Rainbow Room (by Louis Rossouw)

At the finish again

Jimmy finishing! (by Louis Rossouw)

Rupert finishing (by Louis Rossouw)

Lorna Ruth & Dave finishing (by Louis Rossouw)

See all the photos here.

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