Louise & Kerry's Christmas Party was fun!

I am writing this with a nice headache and a great need for lots of water. Had fun at Louise & Kerry's Christmas Party last night. Took my camera with and took a few pics. I post some of the pics here but you can look at all the pics from Louise & Kerry's Christmas Party here.

Christmas Lights (by Louis Rossouw)
All smiles (by Louis Rossouw)

Kerry & Louise organised secret santa gifts and Santa himself showed up to hand them out.
All waiting for gifts (by Louis Rossouw)
Louise's new toy car (by Louis Rossouw)
Later the music was turned up...
Kerry dancing (by Louis Rossouw)
Busy in the kitchen (by Louis Rossouw)
Did someone sneeze (by Louis Rossouw)
Crazy dancing-1 (by Louis Rossouw)
Christmas Tree-1 (by Louis Rossouw)
And that is pretty much how I got a headache...


Car accident in Kloof Street

On the way to get some fruit, smoothy ingredients and other goodies to cool down I came across this car that had crashed into a wall in Kloof Street.  Not sure when this happened but it had made a serious impact into the wall.

Car crashed into a wall in Kloof
Street, Cape Town, Souith Africa (by Louis Rossouw)
This was the little parking area in front of the Shoprite in Kloof Street.  Would be interesting to know what happened here.  I suspect a Saturday night gone wrong, but I may be wrong...

The smoothies went down well on a hot day next to the pool though.

Car crashed into a wall in Kloof Street, Cape Town, Souith Africa (by Louis Rossouw)


Johan's Birthday at Dieu Donné in Franschhoek

We spend a lovely day at Dieu Donné in Franschoek for Johan's birthday.  It is really a lovely restaurant with a great view over Franschoek and the valley.  Can really recommend it.  Also has seating inside with massive windows for days with less than perfect weather.

View from restaurant (by Louis Rossouw)
Everyone at the table (by Louis Rossouw)

Dieu Donné also brews their own beer and we tasted some inside on our way out.

Tasting some beer (by Louis Rossouw)
At Dieu Donné-1 (by
Louis Rossouw)

Little kid
Glasses bokeh (by Louis Rossouw)

Dinner at Karin & Carsten's

Chatting before dinner (by Louis Rossouw)
Ruth & Malan & Johan (by Louis Rossouw)
Chatting before dinner (by Louis Rossouw)


World AIDS Day

Starfish Greathearts Foundation is an international development charity, aiming to bring life, hope and opportunity to orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa.  We believe that everyone can make a very real difference to the lives of these children. 

Support Starfish!
Bloggers Unite


Birthday - 1980s pool party

For my 33rd birthday I held a 80s pool party at my house. The intention was to chill by the pool in the afternoon and braai a bit later.

You can see all the pics here.

The weather didn't play along 100% for the pool element so we turned up the heating and added some bubble bath...

Ruth & Malan in the pool-3 (by Louis Rossouw)

Louise & Erik & Garth (by Louis Rossouw)

Bearded Pips-1 (by Louis Rossouw)

Later we had our braai, and started playing some loud music trying to guess the names of those hits from the 80s. Think Visage - Fade to Grey.

80s Rock Star-5 (by Louis Rossouw)

Desert (by Louis Rossouw)

Spot that 80s track-1 (by Louis Rossouw)

Spot that 80s track (by Louis Rossouw)

Packing for Singapore

Recently our stuff was packed and placed in a little green container to be taken to Singapore! Didn't even come close to filling the container. Stuttaford van Lines did a good job packing. But probably only find out how good it was once I get to Singapore.

I am flying out on 16 January.

Packing (by Louis Rossouw)



Recently went to Amsterdam for a conference.  Had some time to wander around the streets and take some pictures. Also took a boat trip on the canals.  Here are some of the photos I took.

Bicycles (by Louis Rossouw)
Coffee shops
Signs, Walletjes, Amsterdam (by Louis Rossouw)
The Grasshopper
The Grasshopper (by Louis Rossouw)
Houseboats in the canals
Houseboats on the canals (by Louis Rossouw)

Bicycle Park
Bike Park! (by Louis Rossouw)
Bikes in the bicycle park (by Louis Rossouw)


CSI Miami - Horatio Caine Collection

A couple of funnies about Horatio Caine, the chief investigator in CSI Miami.   He is played by David Carusso.

He has this habit of fiddling with his sunglasses and saying cheesy one-liners. If you haven't seen for yourself see below:

The other actors of the series had fun copying his moves. Check from about halfway in this video:

Jim Carrey also tried and almost succeeded:

And then there is two below the belt comic strips to top it off.

If you want to be more like him you can try the David Carusso school of acting:


Great White Shark Cage Diving

Lorna, Sandy and myself went shark cage diving in August just before Lorna left for Singapore.

We used Shark Cage Diving Unlimited . They provided good service and a good video before. One of the guys running this business is also know to free swim (no cage, or oxygen just goggles and wet suit) with great white shark!  We had a nice chat with him afterwards and he showed us some of his personal footage and photos.  There are a couple of documentaries out or about to be released on BBC, Discovery and National Geographic.

Here are a few cool pics we took from the boat and from a disposable underwater camera (you can see all the pics here)
The cage that is used to dive in (by Louis Rossouw)

Lorna & Sandy in the cage (by Louis Rossouw)

Shark going for the bait! (by Louis Rossouw)

Say cheese! (by Louis Rossouw)

On the way back we went via Hermanus for a walk with some spotting of whales and a late lunch. We had a table on the rocks near the old harbour.

Whale Tail near Voelklip (by Louis Rossouw)

Late lunch on the rocks (by Louis Rossouw)

Then a chilled drive back to Cape Town with a lovely sunset on the way back. All in all a great day out!

Table Mountain (by Louis Rossouw)

Lorna & Sandy (by Louis Rossouw)

See all the pics here.


Sani2c 2008

Lorna, Ruth, Jimmy, Nick and Richard all did the Subaru Sani2c this year. I went along as supporter with Pippa and Lorna's mom. Here are a couple of photos.

You can find most of my photos on here.

Day 1 (all day 1 photos)

A cool day for the start and everyone was looking keen and excited at the start.

Ruth & Lorna at the start

Jimmy & Richard at the start


Later as people were coming up a nice big climb:


Lorna & Ruth (by Louis Rossouw)

... and later ...
Rich & Jimmy (by Louis Rossouw)

Lorna (by Louis Rossouw)

and finishing day 1!

Lorna & Ruth Finishing (by Louis Rossouw)

Camping was well organised.

Tents in rows (by Louis Rossouw)

and everyone went to bed pretty early...

Everyone in bed at the Race Village (by Louis Rossouw)

Day 2 (all day 2 photos)

Day 2 started off very foggy. Supporters had to leave before the cyclists. We headed off to the concrete strip. This is a strip of concrete down a steep incline. Saw one nasty fall there due to a rider attempting a wheelie on the strip and slipping in the moist conditions. That was his race over...

Near concrete strip (by Louis Rossouw)

At the concrete strip (by Louis Rossouw)

We spotted got Lorna & Ruth just after a water stop with some pretty dirty faces.

Dirty faces (by Louis Rossouw)

The day was getting long and hot. Riders needed support halfway:

Pippa supporting (by Louis Rossouw)

Luckily there was a shower further on.

Nick Cooling down (by Louis Rossouw)

Cooling down (by Louis Rossouw)

Ruth cooling down (by Louis Rossouw)

And a nice tent was waiting...

Campsite (by Louis Rossouw)

Day 3 (all photos)

Another foggy start but this time there was some clay pigeon shooting to get the riders started.

Lorna & Ruth at the start of the last day (by Louis Rossouw)

Jimmy & Rich at the start of the last day (by Louis Rossouw)

Shooting clay pigeons (by Louis Rossouw)

We caught up with them later as they were entering a forest.

Into the forrest (by Louis Rossouw)

James passing by (by Louis Rossouw)

Lorna passing by (by Louis Rossouw)

Later when it was warmer they were cycling through sugar cane fields.

Jimmy & Rich arriving at spectator point (by Louis Rossouw)

Ruth @ Kevard (by Louis Rossouw)

Everyone was very happy at the finish. It went to Ruth's head a bit too...

Ruth doing hand stands @ The Finish (by Louis Rossouw)

Jimmy & Nick (by Louis Rossouw)

Drinks were enjoyed at the award function afterwards...

Drinking a beer after it all (by Louis Rossouw)

Video of water bridge on day 1


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