Christmas in Namibia

Lorna & I spent Christmas with her mom and sister at her mothers holiday house in Wlotzkasbaken just north of Swakopmund (in Namibia).


Wlotzkasbaken is a lovely small town (well not really, you need 100 plots to be town in Namibia and there are only 99) with a couple of houses. No permanent running water and no electricity. Resident's have been battling it out with the Namibian Government to own their property and make sure development doesn't spoil this little town.

Moonrise over Wlotzkasbaken (by Louis Rossouw)

In front of the house (by Louis Rossouw)

Tour of Walvis Bay

Surfing seal

Seal surfing the wake fo the boat (by Louis Rossouw)

Hungry seagull

Seagull getting a fish (by Louis Rossouw)

Abandoned ship acting as a bird colony

Abondoned ship (by Louis Rossouw)

Seagull catching a fish

Seagull catching a fish (by Louis Rossouw)

Point Lighthouse

Point Lighthouse (by Louis Rossouw)

Seal on board

Should I be jealouse (by Louis Rossouw)


Pelicans getting fish (by Louis Rossouw)

Also went for a sail, did some quad biking and had

Pippa teaching me to sail a hobie

Me & Pippa on a Hobie (by Louis Rossouw)

Taking a break from the quads

Lorna & Me on a dune (by Louis Rossouw)


Candle & Christmas decorations (by Louis Rossouw)

See all the photos here...

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