Trip to the Northern Drakensberg

In November Lorna and I were scheduled to go hike the Whale Trail with friends. That is until a bunch of storms and rain hit the region closing the trail and resulting in a cancelled hiking trip.

So Lorna and I had some leave booked and decided to use some air miles to fly to Johannesburg, drive down to the Northern Drakensberg and go and relax there for an unplanned trip. The main feature of this area is the Amphitheatre. A massive set of cliffs & peaks forming what looks like a gigantic amphitheatre.
Untitled (by Louis Rossouw)


We first stayed at Vergezient (pics) which was lovely place with delicious food with a great view over the valley.

Lorna on the Razor's Edge (by Louis Rossouw)

Flower (by Louis Rossouw)

Coyote Cafe

We stopped a couple of times here and had a good time here. (Including our anniversary dinner)

Wine at Coyote Cafe (by Louis Rossouw)

Amphitheatre Backpackers

At Amphitheatre Backpackers we also stayed a couple of nights. They organise a variety of trips in the area. They organise a hike up to the top of Tugela Falls, the worlds second highest waterfall. These falls tumble down the Amphitheatre. We took this hike but had some interesting fog, rain and sunny spells on the hike. It was very pretty but the fog at the prevented a 100% clear view of the falls.

The hike also entails some chain ladder climbing on the return trip.

Lorna (by Louis Rossouw)

The Falls in the Fog (by Louis Rossouw)

Chain ladder (by Louis Rossouw)

Walking along the side of the cliff (by Louis Rossouw)

We also spent a morning horse riding which was fun except that I had my horse decided to slip trotting through a stream and I ended up eating some mud.

Untitled (by Louis Rossouw)

I more preferred the quad biking.
Ready for Quad Biking (by Louis Rossouw)

Dirty Face (by Louis Rossouw)

Little Switzerland

We also spent a night at Little Switzerland. This hotel has a lovely view of the Amphitheatre from the rooms. There is also a relatively tame Zebra walking the grounds.

Zebra on the loose in Little Switzerland (by Louis Rossouw)

Dino enjoying the view with some wine (by Louis Rossouw)

Had a great time and would really recommend it.

You can see all the pics here.

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  1. Photo's are awesome and place looks brilliant. Next time I'm home I'll make a plan to get to this part of the country.

  2. Thanks! I have taken some pics at the Sani2c as well. Will be uploading it later. From your blog it seems you may be interested.