Between Christmas and New Year's Lorna & I went to Beaverlac.

Here are some photos. You can see all of them here.

Some shots at "Secret pool"

Not so Secret Pool (by Louis Rossouw)

Surfing dog! (by Louis Rossouw)

Helen (by Louis Rossouw)


Fire (by Louis Rossouw)

Helen (by Louis Rossouw)

Walk up to Totem pools

Totems & waterfall (by Louis Rossouw)

Under the waterfall (by Louis Rossouw)

Dino by the Pool (by Louis Rossouw)

Lorna next to the water (by Louis Rossouw)

Relaxing at the camp

Kerry & Jeubel doing YoGA (by Louis Rossouw)

Massage (by Louis Rossouw)


My photos from this trip
Other photos from Beaverlac

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  1. My husband and I went to Beaverlac last week for the second time. The first time we went was for a weekend which I am sure many of you who have been there will agree is too short, so we decided to go from Wednesday to Sunday and once again my breath was taken away, in my opinion Beaverlac is the closest thing to Heaven that anyone could ever see and experience on this earth. We experienced a miracle which I have to share. On our second day there we went to the secret pool, while my husband was swimming his weddind ring accidently slipped off of his finger, once we realised that this had happened we did the first thing anyone would do, get back into the water and search, as the ring is Titanium and the pools are so clear and clean we thought that the ring would reflect, what we didn't take into account was the sun was in a position where we could not see past it's reflection on the water (STUNNING). Anyhow our plan was to go back early the next day and look for the ring, we went back the next morning to discover that there were three guys in the pool with their lilo's, so we explained what had happenend and they got back onto their lilo's to see if they could perhaps find it, after looking for a little while the search party turned up empty handed, feeling a little sorry for ourselves we decided to let these guys have their fun with theit lilo's in that pool and we went down to the bottom pool(when looking out over the edge of the bottom pool it's almost as though you can see the edge of the world). Later on that afternoon while settling down in our camp this guy walks up to my husband and politely asked if he had lost something at the secret pool, when my husband answered yes, he pulled my husband's weddind band out and gave it back to him. Turns out our lilo friends had passed on the message that my husband had lost his ring in the pool, this guy's wife had diving goggles at their camp so she went and fetched them and they went on a hunt for my husband's ring. We were so happy we were close to doing backflips down the mountain. It just shows you that we didn't have to know one another, Beaverlac has a way of bringing strangers together as friends. We had the most awesome week there and I will definately be returning there alot more often, as well as recommending them to everyone I can whether I know them or not. THANK YOU TO THE LILO GUYS FOR LOOKING AND PASSING ON THE MESSAGE, AND THANK YOU TO THE COUPLE WHO FOUND AND RETURNED THE RING.We met so many new people and have made some new friends. To the staff and owners of Beaverlac, THANK YOU FOR A FABULOUS COUPLE OF DAYS, KEEP UP THE BRILLIANT WORK.