Sani2c 2008

Lorna, Ruth, Jimmy, Nick and Richard all did the Subaru Sani2c this year. I went along as supporter with Pippa and Lorna's mom. Here are a couple of photos.

You can find most of my photos on here.

Day 1 (all day 1 photos)

A cool day for the start and everyone was looking keen and excited at the start.

Ruth & Lorna at the start

Jimmy & Richard at the start


Later as people were coming up a nice big climb:


Lorna & Ruth (by Louis Rossouw)

... and later ...
Rich & Jimmy (by Louis Rossouw)

Lorna (by Louis Rossouw)

and finishing day 1!

Lorna & Ruth Finishing (by Louis Rossouw)

Camping was well organised.

Tents in rows (by Louis Rossouw)

and everyone went to bed pretty early...

Everyone in bed at the Race Village (by Louis Rossouw)

Day 2 (all day 2 photos)

Day 2 started off very foggy. Supporters had to leave before the cyclists. We headed off to the concrete strip. This is a strip of concrete down a steep incline. Saw one nasty fall there due to a rider attempting a wheelie on the strip and slipping in the moist conditions. That was his race over...

Near concrete strip (by Louis Rossouw)

At the concrete strip (by Louis Rossouw)

We spotted got Lorna & Ruth just after a water stop with some pretty dirty faces.

Dirty faces (by Louis Rossouw)

The day was getting long and hot. Riders needed support halfway:

Pippa supporting (by Louis Rossouw)

Luckily there was a shower further on.

Nick Cooling down (by Louis Rossouw)

Cooling down (by Louis Rossouw)

Ruth cooling down (by Louis Rossouw)

And a nice tent was waiting...

Campsite (by Louis Rossouw)

Day 3 (all photos)

Another foggy start but this time there was some clay pigeon shooting to get the riders started.

Lorna & Ruth at the start of the last day (by Louis Rossouw)

Jimmy & Rich at the start of the last day (by Louis Rossouw)

Shooting clay pigeons (by Louis Rossouw)

We caught up with them later as they were entering a forest.

Into the forrest (by Louis Rossouw)

James passing by (by Louis Rossouw)

Lorna passing by (by Louis Rossouw)

Later when it was warmer they were cycling through sugar cane fields.

Jimmy & Rich arriving at spectator point (by Louis Rossouw)

Ruth @ Kevard (by Louis Rossouw)

Everyone was very happy at the finish. It went to Ruth's head a bit too...

Ruth doing hand stands @ The Finish (by Louis Rossouw)

Jimmy & Nick (by Louis Rossouw)

Drinks were enjoyed at the award function afterwards...

Drinking a beer after it all (by Louis Rossouw)

Video of water bridge on day 1


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  1. sweet pic's of the race. were you in support or riding?

  2. thanks! i was supporting. otherwise i would probably not have taken any pictures and not lived to tell the tale. did you ride?