CSI Miami - Horatio Caine Collection

A couple of funnies about Horatio Caine, the chief investigator in CSI Miami.   He is played by David Carusso.

He has this habit of fiddling with his sunglasses and saying cheesy one-liners. If you haven't seen for yourself see below:

The other actors of the series had fun copying his moves. Check from about halfway in this video:

Jim Carrey also tried and almost succeeded:

And then there is two below the belt comic strips to top it off.

If you want to be more like him you can try the David Carusso school of acting:


Great White Shark Cage Diving

Lorna, Sandy and myself went shark cage diving in August just before Lorna left for Singapore.

We used Shark Cage Diving Unlimited . They provided good service and a good video before. One of the guys running this business is also know to free swim (no cage, or oxygen just goggles and wet suit) with great white shark!  We had a nice chat with him afterwards and he showed us some of his personal footage and photos.  There are a couple of documentaries out or about to be released on BBC, Discovery and National Geographic.

Here are a few cool pics we took from the boat and from a disposable underwater camera (you can see all the pics here)
The cage that is used to dive in (by Louis Rossouw)

Lorna & Sandy in the cage (by Louis Rossouw)

Shark going for the bait! (by Louis Rossouw)

Say cheese! (by Louis Rossouw)

On the way back we went via Hermanus for a walk with some spotting of whales and a late lunch. We had a table on the rocks near the old harbour.

Whale Tail near Voelklip (by Louis Rossouw)

Late lunch on the rocks (by Louis Rossouw)

Then a chilled drive back to Cape Town with a lovely sunset on the way back. All in all a great day out!

Table Mountain (by Louis Rossouw)

Lorna & Sandy (by Louis Rossouw)

See all the pics here.