Birthday - 1980s pool party

For my 33rd birthday I held a 80s pool party at my house. The intention was to chill by the pool in the afternoon and braai a bit later.

You can see all the pics here.

The weather didn't play along 100% for the pool element so we turned up the heating and added some bubble bath...

Ruth & Malan in the pool-3 (by Louis Rossouw)

Louise & Erik & Garth (by Louis Rossouw)

Bearded Pips-1 (by Louis Rossouw)

Later we had our braai, and started playing some loud music trying to guess the names of those hits from the 80s. Think Visage - Fade to Grey.

80s Rock Star-5 (by Louis Rossouw)

Desert (by Louis Rossouw)

Spot that 80s track-1 (by Louis Rossouw)

Spot that 80s track (by Louis Rossouw)

Packing for Singapore

Recently our stuff was packed and placed in a little green container to be taken to Singapore! Didn't even come close to filling the container. Stuttaford van Lines did a good job packing. But probably only find out how good it was once I get to Singapore.

I am flying out on 16 January.

Packing (by Louis Rossouw)



Recently went to Amsterdam for a conference.  Had some time to wander around the streets and take some pictures. Also took a boat trip on the canals.  Here are some of the photos I took.

Bicycles (by Louis Rossouw)
Coffee shops
Signs, Walletjes, Amsterdam (by Louis Rossouw)
The Grasshopper
The Grasshopper (by Louis Rossouw)
Houseboats in the canals
Houseboats on the canals (by Louis Rossouw)

Bicycle Park
Bike Park! (by Louis Rossouw)
Bikes in the bicycle park (by Louis Rossouw)