Birthday - 1980s pool party

For my 33rd birthday I held a 80s pool party at my house. The intention was to chill by the pool in the afternoon and braai a bit later.

You can see all the pics here.

The weather didn't play along 100% for the pool element so we turned up the heating and added some bubble bath...

Ruth & Malan in the pool-3 (by Louis Rossouw)

Louise & Erik & Garth (by Louis Rossouw)

Bearded Pips-1 (by Louis Rossouw)

Later we had our braai, and started playing some loud music trying to guess the names of those hits from the 80s. Think Visage - Fade to Grey.

80s Rock Star-5 (by Louis Rossouw)

Desert (by Louis Rossouw)

Spot that 80s track-1 (by Louis Rossouw)

Spot that 80s track (by Louis Rossouw)

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