Louise & Kerry's Christmas Party was fun!

I am writing this with a nice headache and a great need for lots of water. Had fun at Louise & Kerry's Christmas Party last night. Took my camera with and took a few pics. I post some of the pics here but you can look at all the pics from Louise & Kerry's Christmas Party here.

Christmas Lights (by Louis Rossouw)
All smiles (by Louis Rossouw)

Kerry & Louise organised secret santa gifts and Santa himself showed up to hand them out.
All waiting for gifts (by Louis Rossouw)
Louise's new toy car (by Louis Rossouw)
Later the music was turned up...
Kerry dancing (by Louis Rossouw)
Busy in the kitchen (by Louis Rossouw)
Did someone sneeze (by Louis Rossouw)
Crazy dancing-1 (by Louis Rossouw)
Christmas Tree-1 (by Louis Rossouw)
And that is pretty much how I got a headache...


Car accident in Kloof Street

On the way to get some fruit, smoothy ingredients and other goodies to cool down I came across this car that had crashed into a wall in Kloof Street.  Not sure when this happened but it had made a serious impact into the wall.

Car crashed into a wall in Kloof
Street, Cape Town, Souith Africa (by Louis Rossouw)
This was the little parking area in front of the Shoprite in Kloof Street.  Would be interesting to know what happened here.  I suspect a Saturday night gone wrong, but I may be wrong...

The smoothies went down well on a hot day next to the pool though.

Car crashed into a wall in Kloof Street, Cape Town, Souith Africa (by Louis Rossouw)


Johan's Birthday at Dieu Donné in Franschhoek

We spend a lovely day at Dieu Donné in Franschoek for Johan's birthday.  It is really a lovely restaurant with a great view over Franschoek and the valley.  Can really recommend it.  Also has seating inside with massive windows for days with less than perfect weather.

View from restaurant (by Louis Rossouw)
Everyone at the table (by Louis Rossouw)

Dieu Donné also brews their own beer and we tasted some inside on our way out.

Tasting some beer (by Louis Rossouw)
At Dieu Donné-1 (by
Louis Rossouw)

Little kid
Glasses bokeh (by Louis Rossouw)

Dinner at Karin & Carsten's

Chatting before dinner (by Louis Rossouw)
Ruth & Malan & Johan (by Louis Rossouw)
Chatting before dinner (by Louis Rossouw)


World AIDS Day

Starfish Greathearts Foundation is an international development charity, aiming to bring life, hope and opportunity to orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa.  We believe that everyone can make a very real difference to the lives of these children. 

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