Johan's Birthday at Dieu Donné in Franschhoek

We spend a lovely day at Dieu Donné in Franschoek for Johan's birthday.  It is really a lovely restaurant with a great view over Franschoek and the valley.  Can really recommend it.  Also has seating inside with massive windows for days with less than perfect weather.

View from restaurant (by Louis Rossouw)
Everyone at the table (by Louis Rossouw)

Dieu Donné also brews their own beer and we tasted some inside on our way out.

Tasting some beer (by Louis Rossouw)
At Dieu Donné-1 (by
Louis Rossouw)

Little kid
Glasses bokeh (by Louis Rossouw)

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1 comment:

  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures! i visited Franschhoek a while back and loved the scenery and the small town feel! Franschhoek must be one of the most fantastic destinations in South Africa and arguably, the world!