Louise & Kerry's Christmas Party was fun!

I am writing this with a nice headache and a great need for lots of water. Had fun at Louise & Kerry's Christmas Party last night. Took my camera with and took a few pics. I post some of the pics here but you can look at all the pics from Louise & Kerry's Christmas Party here.

Christmas Lights (by Louis Rossouw)
All smiles (by Louis Rossouw)

Kerry & Louise organised secret santa gifts and Santa himself showed up to hand them out.
All waiting for gifts (by Louis Rossouw)
Louise's new toy car (by Louis Rossouw)
Later the music was turned up...
Kerry dancing (by Louis Rossouw)
Busy in the kitchen (by Louis Rossouw)
Did someone sneeze (by Louis Rossouw)
Crazy dancing-1 (by Louis Rossouw)
Christmas Tree-1 (by Louis Rossouw)
And that is pretty much how I got a headache...

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