Going anywhere

A couple of days after I arrived in Singapore for the first time we left for a weekend to Bali. This was during Chinese New Year. This is a more of a family holiday so not much was happening in Singapore over the long weekend during which this is scheduled, so a trip was in order.
Flower in pool
We stayed in very nice places. We first spent some time in Semanyak near the coast and more the typical beach holiday destination. We spent some time in beach bars like Ku De Ta and also organised a diving trip to the North of the island. The place we stayed in was Puri Madawi (photos) which was a bit out of the way but offered excellent value and lots of relaxation.

Puri Madawi Pool-2
Puri Madawi Breakfast
We also then stayed near Ubud (photos) at Sunset Hills (photos).

View from Sunset Hill-3

Again Sunset Hills was a bit out of the way but the view from the infinity pool is just the best. It has a brilliant view looking down on a ravine with a river down below. Here we continued the R&R


. One highlight was going for a massage Maya @ The Ubud. This is a hotel with a amazing spa centre which is situated next to a river at the bottom of a tropical ravine. Really stunning.

Ubud is centrally located in Bali and is renowned for its art and crafts industry. In Ubud we also saw some Balinese dancing. We were glad that we combined it with dinner because it wasn't exactly riveting stuff.

We also went off to see the volcano (dormant for now) and a Hindu temple with a spring which is quote famous (called Pura Tirta Empul I think - photos). And investigated local coffees.
At the volcano
Lorna & Me at Kintamani Volcano
Tasting coffee
Tasting Balinese coffee
Fountain at Pura Tirta Empul
Bathing fountains at Pura Tirta Empul
I would recommend Bali for a chilled out holiday. Really beautiful. We went in the off seasons so it was really relaxed. I would not recommend it for the beaches as they are not all that great.