Malaysian GP

As mentioned before  we went to see the Malaysian  Grand Prix just outside Kuala Lumpur.

Well I finally uploaded the photos to flickr.

Anyway we started the weekend and got all the kit together.  Earplugs, little kangaroo TV so we could follow the live action,cameras, beer to keep cool, ice cream etc.


All kitted out

The start was very impressive to see.  You can see a burst of photos from the start here.  Check the McLaren's battling it out on the far side of the track.  We had great seats on the main straight so and had a good view of the start as well as all the pitstops.
Kovaleinen McLaren

Lewis Hamilton Pit Stop

The race was going round nicely except Lewis was not doing very well.  Througout however the rain clouds had been threatening. It got darker:
Getting dark in the Toyota pits

And then it was raining, with the scramble for wet\intermediate tyres:
And it is raining!
Wet main straight
Lewis Hamilton in a McLaren

And the safter car had to come out because it was pouring down:
Safety car comes out

And finally the race had to be stopped.  It was quite nice as all the cars parked right in front of us.
And he gets out
Mechanics come running

One chilled out Toyota driver

I must say this Ferrari looked a bit dandy.
Ferrari & Umbrella

Got a shot of Rubens Barrichello
Rubens taking a rest in the rain

Unfurtunately the race never restarted and the winner was announced as the cars were parked on the main straight.
And the winner is
Race Stopped
We also attended the free Jamiroquai concert afterwards.  It was very wet, but at least the rain stopped.
Off to the Jamiroquai concert
It was wet ok!
Lorna & me at the Jamiroquai concert
Cool shot

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