Skypark @ Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore

Johan & Corinna were visiting us in Singapore recently. We took a bit of time to go and explore the Marina Bay Sands Hotel (wikipedia article). You can head to the hotel and freely explore the lobby area. For S$20 per person you can also head up to the observation deck (called the Sands SkyPark). We also got a chance to sneak in to the hotel pool area to see the infamous infinity pool. Anyway the building, views and pool all are truly impressive. Check out my picks below.

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In the lobby looking up
Looking up in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel

More in the lobby
The lobbies of the three building are connected and you walk all through these.
Marina Bay Sands Lobby Area

View of the "Durians" (also known as the Esplenade Theatre)
These are Singapore's answer to Sydney's opera house.
The Esplanade Theatre Complex a.k.a. The Durians

The infinity pool
Infinity Pool
Just chilling next to the infinity pool

View from the top
Ahoy matey!

View to the top
Marina Bay Sands

Observing the observation deck
Zoom up to the Marina Bay Sands Observation Deck

The nearby Helix Bridge
Beautiful Helix Bridge for pedestrians connecting the Marina to the Esplanade.
Helix Bridge

Johan & Corinna & Me

Durian up close
Durian up close
Durian Lights

View from afar
Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands (after dark)

A bit more of a classic
The Fullerton Hotel (wikipedia article) is still one of my favourite buildings to see at night in Singapore. It used to be the post office. It usually features heavily in the F1 television coverage.
The Fullerton Hotel

Dinner & Drinks @ Indo Chine
After a day of touristing...
Glasses @ Indo Chine

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